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Call of the Colosseum Slot Review

Fancy becoming a Roman Gladiator? You could enter the arena and become a hero with our slot game Call of the Colosseum live at betFIRST! This game takes us back to the era of the indomitable Romans and you vie for the biggest prizes on the slot as you take on many foes in this brilliant classic from NextGen Gaming! You are certainly in for a thrilling time as you are constantly scrutinised by the Roman Emperor! What are you waiting for? Go and play and become a Roman hero today!

How to Play Call of the Colosseum

Take a trip back to ancient Rome when you embark on this amazing game by NextGen Gaming!

As you spin the wheels, don’t forget that a great and powerful Roman emperor (similar to the likes of Julius Caesar) is watching from his royal perch amid the crowd.

On the reels, you will find a plethora of Roman-related symbols, including wild Tigers, Shields, Spears, Gladiator Helmets, Roman Sandals, Coin Bags, Grapes, a beautiful Lady, and the Emperor, himself.

The Emperor is the wild symbol, and he replaces all other symbols on the reels apart from the scatter Shield to complete winning combinations. This symbol will only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

If you love Free Games bonus features, you’ll want to take note of the Call of the Colosseum’s Free Spins feature. In addition to scatter pays, 3 or more scatter Shields will award 10 free spins, during which all wins will be doubled. More so, every Emperor that appears on the reels during this bonus round will reveal a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down.

Every Emperor that gives you a ‘thumbs up’ will see you awarded with up to three extra Free Spins. However, Free Spins cannot be retriggered.

The 25 paylines are also adjustable, and payline wins are multiplied by the amount staked per line,

Call of the Colosseum Mobile Experience

Enjoy hours of fun on our Pizza Prize slot game! Like every betFIRST game, Call of the Colosseum can be played how and where you like. Our slots, including Call of the Colosseum, are fully responsive, meaning you can play out and about on your smartphone or tablet just as easily as at home on your laptop.

All you need to connect to your favourite slot games, such as Call of the Colosseum, is an internet connection and a reasonably charged device - then you’re ready to go! Whether you’re waiting for a bus or simply killing some time on your lunch break, you can play and try your luck at winning big with Call of the Colosseum and a huge range of other video slots.

History and Facts about The Colosseum

The Colosseum is the ultimate gladiatorial arena that the Romans used! It still stands in Rome today and is one of the most visited historical sites in the world, let alone Europe.

Here are some facts about The Colosseum that will truly blow your mind:-

  • The Colosseum was built between 72 AD and 80AD under the Emperor Vespasian, in the heart of Ancient Rome.
  • Made from stone and concrete, this monument was built with the man power of tens of thousands of slaves.
  • The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater (meaning “theatre in the round”) in the world!
  • This brilliant building had 80 entrances and could seat approximately 50,000 spectators who would come to watch sporting events and games. These events included gladiatorial combats, wild animal hunts and ship naval battles!
  • At the Colosseum’s major events – often those organised and paid for by the emperors themselves – there was no entry fee. Emperors would use this as a way to gain popularity and support from the public.
  • The events at the Colosseum were seriously brutal, though – during certain games held by the emperors around 10,000 animals were killed in a single day.
  • The first games ever to be held were in 80 AD, under Emperor Titus (the son of Vespasian), and they ran for 100 days straight. Games continued to be held for centuries to come – gladiatorial games until the fifth century and animal hunts until the 6th century.
  • To protect the spectators from the blistering sun and heat of Ancient Rome, there was the velarium– an awning that could be pulled over the top of the seating area to provide shade.
  • Below the Colosseum were numerous rooms and underground passages. Here is where the animals and gladiators were kept, waiting to meet their fate in the arena above. There were also 36 trap doors in the arena for special effects!