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Above all, playing should be entertaining and fun; and for the majority of us, it is. Unfortunately, gaming can become an addiction for some people which can lead to psychological, social and financial problems. We make it a point to try and prevent this from happening and we do everything possible to ensure that playing remains enjoyable for our players.

We employ several measures to try and limit the risks of excessive use and gambling addiction:

  • Information about responsible gaming.
  • Use of self-banning mechanisms.
  • Use of assistive services.
  • Responsible advertising.
  • Ban on playing with credit.

betFIRST has a Belgian online gambling licence. From this perspective, and in order to provide its players with an optimal gambling service, betFIRST encourages players to play responsibly and to stay alert for any signs of addiction.

Please note the following ways in which players use the service responsibly:

  • Fix a maximum loss limit for a pre-determined length of time and stick to it.
  • Don't keep playing no matter what the cost, but play for the pleasure of trying your luck.
  • Only take limited financial risks whilst playing, which will reduce the chance of things getting out of control. Remember that it is only a game.
  • Never borrow money from friends or financial institutions so you can keep playing.
  • Play for limited periods of time.
  • Take breaks often.
  • Alternate playing with other activities.
  • Don't play if you are feeling upset, violent, depressed or confused.
  • Don't play under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic medication.
  • Only play with a set amount of money put aside for gambling, never use your general income which will be needed to pay your essential bills (rent, electricity, heating).
  • Do not see the game as a means of escaping your everyday or psychological problems.


Belgian law prohibits those under the age of 21 from gambling online. betFIRST will never target minors in any marketing campaigns.

Parents are strongly recommended to:

  • Install internet filters blocking online gambling sites.
  • Never leave a gambling page open if they leave the computer.
  • Keep passwords and usernames secure.
  • Explain the law concerning bets and the dangers of addiction.

If despite precautions, betFIRST doubts the age of a player, we can demand ID at any point and suspend your account until your identity has been proven.


Online gambling is a form of entertainment with potential financial benefits. They are in no way a source of income for the player or their family, nor a way to write off debt. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to play with moderation, to be aware of their needs and to know when to stop whether they are winning or losing. betFIRST has certain resources to help you manage your account and set your limits. The 'My Account' column allows you to set amounts which you cannot exceed. If a bet exceeds this limit, the website will automatically stop the bet from being placed. Furthermore, the Belgian Gaming Commission lists useful information on organisations and help centres in your area. You also have the possibility of sending a request to the Belgian Gaming Commission which will inhibit you from accessing casinos, games arcades and online gaming sites. To use this service you will need to complete a prohibition form which is available on the site.


Despite all the measures taken by the betFIRST website and organisations to protect against gambling addiction, players must be able to identify whether or not they have an addiction problem.

The following questions will help you to identify if you have an addiction problem:

  • Do you take days off work in order to be able to bet/play?
  • Does the amount of time you spend gambling have an impact on your family life or relationships with your friends?
  • Have you stopped any other activities in order to be able to play?
  • Do you put financing your gambling habit before that of your household?
  • Do you become aggressive during or after gambling?
  • Have you ever considered turning to drugs or suicide as a result of online gambling?
  • Are you more aggressive before or after having played?
  • Do you use gambling as a means of paying your debts?

If you relate to any of the aforementioned questions, please seek professional help. A list is available in the Addiction section of the Terms and Conditions. You can also contact SOS Games on 0800 35 777 for free assistance (available 24 hours a day), or alternatively you can visit, and