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Amazons’ Story Slot Review


Deep in the heart of the jungle, something stirs. Cut off from the world, they have existed since the time of the Gods. Now, as the modern world begins to encroach on their territory, the stories are beginning to spread. Something that lives here, something unseen by the eyes of men for millennia. Welcome to the Amazons’ Story.

Amazons’ Story is based on the mythical race of warrior women from Greek mythology. There were said to be Amazons at the battle of Troy, and one of Hercules’ 12 tasks required the taking of a girdle from an Amazonian princess. The Amazon Rainforest is named for them, after a Spanish explorer witnessed a battle in which the women fought alongside the men, and with just as much ferocity.

Nowadays, there are more than one Amazons’ Story and many have disappeared into myth, or been appropriated by Hollywood to incorporate into their own stories. For example, Wonder Woman is said to be an Amazon, living on a hidden island in the Mediterranean. The Amazon Queen Hippolyta appears in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare, and of course jungle hero Tarzan has had his own run-in with the warrior women.

You won’t spend your time fearing for your life when you play Amazons’ Story, you will be having far too much fun for that!


How to play Amazons’ Story Slot


Amazons’ Story is a 5-reel dice slot with 30 adjustable paylines. For those that don’t know, a dice slot is just like a regular slot game but instead of the traditional fruit, bars and bells, it uses different coloured dice.  As well as the dice, you may catch a glimpse of the three other regular symbols, the Amazons themselves.

There are two other symbols that you’ll need to keep an eye out for when playing Amazons’ Story. The first of these is the Scatter symbol. The last symbol is a wild horse which, appropriately enough, is the Wild Symbol. This can replace any regular symbol to make a winning line.

Just select one of the values at the bottom of the screen to begin playing Amazons’ Story. This is the amount that you are about to wager on each spin. The more you choose to bet, the bigger the prizes will be. For example, at the lowest level, a bet of 30 coins on Amazons’ Story will give you 50 coins if you manage to line up 5 of the blonde Amazon. But if you play at 150 coins per spin, this increases to 250. The amount you want to wager is entirely up to you.


Amazons’ Story Free Play


You can get a Free Play round, depending on how many Scatters landed on the reels. And don’t forget, any win with a value of less than 1,050 can be gambled. Just select the ‘Gamble’ option, and you will be given five chances to double your money on a simple 50/50 choice. There is more than one way to win on Amazons’ Story.

Another amazing feature of Amazons’ Story is the fact that it features a progressive jackpot. This can be triggered at any time at the end of a spin. You are given twelve cards face down, and you must pick three of them. If you pick three of the same suit, then you win the amount that has accumulated in the box at the top of the screen. You can watch the amounts grow as you play.


Amazons’ Story Mobile Experience


Wherever you go, whatever you do, the Amazons of Amazons’ Story will be stalking you. This is nothing to be alarmed about. Because all our great slot games are with you wherever you go and whatever you’re doing on your mobile device.

Everything has been optimised for Amazons’ Story so that the gaming experience is the same on your desktop, laptop or smartphone. You see all the same features, hear the same sound effects and see the same great graphics no matter which format you want to use. You will have just as much fun learning the Amazons’ Story as you will playing the game, and who knows, maybe you’ll make your own story!