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A While on the Nile Slot Review

A While on the Nile is an incredible game from NextGen that will see you take an incredible cruise down the longest river in the world! This classic NextGen game could see you either sink or swim! There are a lot of features in A While on the Nile that could see you enter choppy waters or gentle seas! Read on to find out more on how to play A While on the Nile and its special features, how to play A While on the Nile on the go and some facts and history about the wonderful river that flows through Egypt! A While on the Nile is the one for you!

Facts about the Nile

  • The length of the Nile River is roughly 4,100 miles long. It is believed to be the longest river in the world.
  • Located in Africa, the Nile River lies in the following countries: Kenya, Eritrea, Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • The Nile River has huge significance in regards to Ancient Egypt. Most of Ancient Egypt’s historical sites are located along the banks of the Nile River including the capital Cairo.
  • The Nile Delta in Northern Egypt is where the Nile River drains in to the Mediterranean Sea. It is around 100 miles in length and spreads out over 149 miles of coastline.
  • Around 40 million people (half of Egypt’s population) live in the Nile Delta region.
  • In 1787, the famous Rosetta stone was found in the Nile Delta in the city of Rosetta. This Ancient Egyptian artifact played a key role in modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  • The Aswan High Dam was built in 1970 to help regulate flooding of the Nile River. Before the Aswan Dam was built, there were issues with crops flooding but that is been reduced thanks to the Dam

How to Play A While on the Nile?

Egyptian games are generally hugely fun and at betFIRST we have some of the very best in games from that region of North Africa.

A While on the Nile, created by Nextgen Gaming, has some absolutely amazing graphics which will certainly attract players to this wonderful animation.

This slot includes 5 reels and 50 lines with some great features such as a slot machine bonus which players can get free multiple slot spins on. This is game for those with a penchant for machine Bonus Rounds. The bonuses add a lot to this funky game and give it a real thrill!

Three scatter symbols will earn you five Free Spins. While three scatters will gain you Free Spins, landing any scatter wins will get your bet multiplied.

Having three jewelled scarab beetles land on reels one, three and five will offer you a pick-em choice bonus. To the Egyptians, the scarab beetle was an important mystical symbol representing eternity and choice, reflected in this bonus game.

The superbet feature in this game can give you amazing jackpot winnings. Clicking the button ‘super bet’, allows the player to decide on the bet per spin. Superbet works together with the wild symbol of the Pharoah’s head, increasing the opportunity of wild wins. Using the gamble feature can also increase your winnings MASSIVELY. After any win, press the heart/club button and choose the colour of a card to quadruple your win! Players who gamble and dare can take home the game’s jackpot!

A While on the Nile Mobile Experience

Enjoy hours of fun on our A While on the Nile slot game! Like every betFIRST game, A While on the Nile can be played how and where you like. Our slots, including A While on the Nile, are fully responsive, meaning you can play out and about on your smartphone or tablet just as easily as at home on your laptop.

All you need to connect to your favourite slot games, such as A While on the Nile, is an internet connection and a reasonably charged device - then you’re ready to go! Whether you’re waiting for a bus or simply killing some time on your lunch break, you can play and try your luck at winning big with A While on the Nile and a huge range of other video slots.