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Sparky Stars Slot Review


The stars are twinkling up above! Look up into the night sky and see if you can find your lucky star. Will you land a great win? See if your stars are aligned and play a great game of Sparky Stars!

It’s thought that there are at least 10 billion trillion stars in the universe. And that’s a conservative estimate! Every day, around 275 million new stars are born. The hottest stars are blue-white in colour, while red stars tend to be the coldest and yellow stars are in the mid-range. Of course, cold is a relative term – it’s still hotter by far than anything you’d find on earth. “Old” and “young” are relative terms when it comes to stars, too – in star terms, 2 million years is considered very young! For reference, our sun is considered to be on the small side for a star – there are stars out there which are hundreds of times bigger and brighter, such as the phenomenally huge VY Canis Majoris, which is approximately 1420 times its size – and at around 4.6 billion years old, it’s just barely approaching middle age. That gives it around five billion years to go before it finally dies. But the death of a star takes so long that humanity hasn’t been able to fully witness it yet – it can take hundreds of years. Phew!

The sun is the closest star to Earth, and even that is pretty far away – a cool 150 million kilometres away (that’s 92957130 miles for anyone wondering). Alpha Centauri, the next closest, is 4.3 light years away – so far that humanity currently has no way of making the journey. If you could drive your car to the sun, assuming you were going at 60 miles an hour the whole time, the journey would take you just under 177 years. Pretty brutal, right? Maybe it’s best that we wait until humanity is capable of making a spaceship that can travel slightly faster than that.



How To Play Sparky Stars Slot


Rather than jumping in and playing for real straight away, players can try out Sparky Stars using Betfirst’s great demo mode. No need to sign up, or make a cash deposit – with the demo, the game can be played for free for as long as you like. This handy option allows players to experience the sensation of playing in a casino without actually doing so. However, it’s definitely better to play the real thing!

Handily, Sparky Stars allows players to control how much they play for. Players are able to adjust their stake in order to control how much they give away – and how much they stand to win. Once that’s decided, all that’s left to do is click the “start” button and get spinning the reels. The game has horizontal and diagonal winning lines, and each symbol is worth a different amount – winnings are measured in points, and these points are multiplied every time a payline is formed. If you’re lucky enough to fill the grid with 9 identical symbols, you’ll receive a win! Not bad at all!



Sparky Stars Mobile Experience


While Sparky Stars is playable on the Betfirst casino website, it’s also available to enjoy on a mobile phone or tablet device. When you play the game via Betfirst’s app, it’s virtually identical to playing it on a computer! There’s nothing as enjoyable as being able to play an excellent slot game like Sparky Stars no matter wherever you are. Convenience is at the heart of Betfirst’s customer experience, and our players love being able to play awesome casino games on the go.



Sparky Stars Free Play


Sparky Stars comes with all sorts of nifty games. Three stars can be selected, each one hiding a different amount behind it, and players must choose the one they suspect to be hiding the best win. It’s all up to chance! You can control how often the reels spin or simply use the auto-play feature to have them spin for you – that way, you can cross both your fingers as the game plays out in front of your eyes!