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The best slot game with the best dice! Do you have what it takes to win? Summon your courage and throw your dice for the best possible result – that’s right, it’s Infinity Dice!

It’s unknown who first used dice. Early humans certainly enjoyed gambling, but they tended to use all manner of crude items such as sticks or rocks or animal bones – essentially, whatever was to hand. It might be, however, that the first usage of dice wasn’t for gaming at all. Religious shamans and fortune tellers used animal bones, carved rocks, and special sticks to predict the future (a process known as divination). Some historians theorise that gambling as a hobby came from this – for instance, a hunter might throw the dice to decide where to hunt, and then throw them again once he caught something to decide who got the best cut of meat.

Whatever the case, dice then entered the mainstream not long after. It was thought that the original dice had rounded corners to make them resemble a cube. However, the ability to have a dice land on one of six sides made games much more complex and enjoyable, accounting for the emergence of the six-sided model. Once the standard six-sided dice started to become more widely used, the earliest dice were painted, but modern dice tend to be made from moulded plastic.

Of course, every game occasionally suffers from cheating, and dice games are no exception. The phrase “loaded dice” comes from the various methods cheaters used to tamper with their playing dice. A common technique is to drill a hole into one side of the dice and insert a small weight into it. This ensures that the opposite side to the weighted side will land upwards more often – meaning that a clever player can ensure that they get the result that they want. It’s even possible to drill out several holes and insert a weight wherever you want to make a truly customisable loaded dice. Another even craftier way to cheat with dice is to melt them slightly – in the oven or a toaster, just enough that it isn’t noticeable – to warp the bottom of the dice so that they are more likely to fall in a certain way. Ingenious!



How To Play Infinity Dice Slot


While playing Infinity Dice for real money can be great fun, if you want to practice playing the game then betFIRST's demo mode is the thing for you. Play without the commitment of pledging real money – just enjoy the game as it is. It can’t be denied, though, that playing the game for real is the most exciting way to play!



Infinity Dice Mobile Experience


You can play Infinity Dice on the main betFIRST casino website – or you could play it on a tablet or mobile phone. It’s incredibly convenient to play super online casino games like Infinity Dice on the go – you can enjoy the game anywhere! Our players just love the convenience of being able to play our great casino games wherever they are – why not find out for yourself?



Infinity Dice Free Play


One of the most interesting and satisfying parts of Infinity Dice is the Free Play supplementing the main game.

Simply put, Free Play games are regular turns where you have a chance of winning the maximum prize. There are no less than 15 different Free Play games when you play Infinity Dice – get playing and see if you’ve got what it takes to win!